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Do I have to pay import GST on arrival?

Yes – Import GST is payable to NZ Customs on arrival into the country. The amount payable is based on the CIF value of your vehicle. CIF means – Cost of Vehicle, Insurance and Freight. We take care of this and pay NZ Customs on your behalf as part of the Import Customs Clearance process. You will get an invoice and Customs Import Certificate from us for the total payable on arrival. The import GST component will be calculated as part of the initial indicative landed costing that we provide you prior to purchase.

Can you deliver anywhere in NZ?

Yes we can – our two main ports we have vehicles shipped to are Auckland and Christchurch. From there, once the compliance/registration process has been completed, we can then arrange to have your vehicle delivered to any address in NZ. Costs will be based on where the final address is.

Do you provide transit finance between the U.K. and N.Z.?

No – unfortunately we cannot provide transit finance between the U.K. and N.Z. However, once the vehicle arrives into N.Z., we can facilitate the finance of your vehicle through our associated partnerships.

Can you claim the VAT back in the U.K.?

Yes – the final vehicle price given to you by our team will be Net VAT, meaning the VAT amount will be taken out of the equation. You won’t have to worry about trying to claim the VAT yourself as this is all handled by our team in the U.K.

What is the situation about the Sat Nav? Are you able to convert this to NZ Maps?

For most vehicles – YES – we are able to convert the sat nav to NZ Maps. Most vehicles will vary in cost to do so, please enquire for an accurate quote.

How about speedo dials. Are you able to convert from miles to km's?

For most vehicles – YES – we are able to convert the speedo dials from miles to km’s. The analog facia of most speedo’s we are able to convert the facia, costs will vary depending on the make and model. Digital dials generally have an inbuilt setting to automatically covert, this without cost.

Are you able to provide factory orders?

For most vehicle makes and models, yes we can provide factory order, built to your specification and at very competitive pricing. Enquire for further information about this.

How do you ship the vehicles from the UK to NZ?

All our vehicles are carefully packed into containers when shipped to NZ.

What is the time frame from purchase to delivery in NZ?

Once a vehicle have been purchased, secured, collected and delivered to our export facility in the UK, vehicles don’t stick around. We offer weekly sailings from the UK to NZ, with an approximate transit time of 43 days to Auckland and 46 days to Christchurch. On arrival, you can expect vehicles to be unpacked from the shipping container, cleared through NZ Cutsoms and MPI bio-security, and delivered to our compliance centre within 7 to 10 days of arrival into port. Once at the compliance centre, allow an additional 4 to 6 working days for entry certification and registration to happen. Should you require additional services such as sat nav or dial conversion, then allow a few extra days for this to take place.